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One to three day workshops are the best way to begin the process to learn new evidence based therapies. 

For more information about how your organization can set up a training workshop contact Dr. Posner

For a sample brochure including course outline and objectives click here

Upcoming Workshops

We have now scheduled some live workshops for later in 2022 with the hope that we can return to normal by then.​ Please see all opportunities below and watch this space for future events. Note that due to variations in Covid rates, all events are subject to changes as needed.

In the meantime stay safe and healthy!

Live Workshops

Australasian Sleep Association, 2 Two-day Basic CBT-I workshops

With Michael Perlis

November 12-13, 2022, Brisbane Australia

November 15-16, 2022, Melbourne Australia

Live Webinars

PESI Lecture series, 1 day Basic CBT-I workshop

February 3


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