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Knowledge of sleep medicine and the ability to treat sleep disorders should be in the tool kit of every healthcare professional.

Sleepwell Consultants was founded by Dr. Donn Posner to provide expert consultation in the theory and practice of general Behavioral Sleep Medicine (BSM) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)  to clinicians interested in helping their patients with the sleep problems that affect every aspect of their daily lives, health, and well being.

  • Individual Consultation
    Individual BSM consultation allows the clinician to set up 30 and 60 minute meetings with Dr. Posner that can be tailored to their specific practice and case management issues. There are no set number of meetings. It is up to the clinician to set up as many meetings as they feel they require over any period of time. To download a contract, please click here. Return signed contracts to:
  • Group Consultation
    Group BSM consultation allows the clinician to schedule sets of 4 meetings, 60 minute each, with Dr. Posner. The meetings can be set up weekly or monthly depending on the preference of group members. Topics will depend on what issues the group members bring to the meeting. In order to benefit from consultation in a group format, it requires a minimum of 2 members up to a maximum of 5 members. Those who are interested in group will be required to sign up for a set of 4 meetings, and can renew the subscription to the group at the end of each month. If you are interested in the group format, this can be achieved in one of two ways: Bring your own members to the group-Once you have enough members Dr. Posner can set a time for each meeting. Join a group that Dr. Posner creates as individuals request group sessions. Once there are enough requests from clinicians interested in group consulting, Dr. Posner will contact you to see if you are ready to start and agree to the time of the meeting. Please note that there may be a wait until enough individuals join who can meet at an agreed upon time. To download a contract, please click here. Return signed contracts to:
  • Credentialing Package
    The credentialing package allows those clinicians interested in a DBSM credential from the Board of Behvioral Sleep Medicine to obtain the necessary number of consultation hours. As per the Board, 250 hours of BSM clinical experience under consultation are required for exam eligibility. In this way, a minimum of 7 hours of consultation will be required to fulfill this criterion. Those who sign up for the package of consultation meetings will derive a financial savings vs. setting up 7 individual consultation meetings ala carte. If the clinician desires further consultation, after the intial block of 7 meetings are completed, they are free to sign up for individual consultaion meetings ala carte at that point. To download a contract, please click here. Return signed contracts to:
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